Friday, December 2, 2016

What am I doing here?

Hello again. Yes, it's study week again. Yes, my first paper is on Monday. Yes, it's only the MOTHER OF ALL FINALS!!!! *runs and hides*

Maybe it's my brain demanding an outlet for whatever's left of the creative juices/goo to flow. Dentistry can be so.....dry at times. Sure you get to do stuff and treat patients and all, but you have to get some knowledge beforehand. Plus, it's the last week of Ramadhan now......aaand they set my first paper 2 days before Raya. Honestly, I don't really care now. Or maybe I never cared in the first place. Ramadhan is always, a bundle of mixed feelings to me. Even on the news, Muslims around the world are prosecuted just by being who they are and practising their beliefs. Here on the other hand, I feel like things which are just petty are being blown up out of proportions whether it is to aid an ulterior motive or personal gains. Seriously, you want to fight for your rights in eating publicly? What happened to embracing the holy month? Even when I have my scheduled shark week I don't lavishly eat whether in public or in private. But who am I to say anything, I'm no uztazah.

Ok back to me. Hrrmmmm.....honestly I don't know why I even blog now. Funnily enough, I think I did mention the same thing in my previous posts. But I just don't have the heart to just shut it down....yet. I guess I still need an outlet. Surprising enough, I don't post any status updates on Facebook. Alright maybe it's no surprise at all but now all I see on Facebook are all these clickbait type post. I think a more recent one was about an official government letter stating the dress code of the function of sorts. Apparently, donning a saree was  not allowed. Then, all hell broke loose  when the citizens of Facebook viral-ed it to the masses. It gets better though. When news of this reached a reporter, she decided to make a satirical article about it. Malaysian being suckers for clickbait (again) title went crazy! Seriously, the lady was being sarcastic.A joke if it's too difficult for you to understand. This is why we can't have nice things *sigh*

Anyway, What has been going on with my life for now...? I'm done with ADSA. Finally. It sounds like I am complaining alot about it (which I do) but I feel the members there are ok. It's dealing with a select group of individuals. Haha! I said it! For every event, there is always an opinion. I do appreciate it, but that's what it is. An opinion. I can always do what is right, not what you want. I'm not an errand girl. Even if you are so wise and opinionated with how things are run, It does not give you the right to insult me, swear at me and disrespect me. Just because I'm quiet doesn't mean that I'm scared of you. I'm amused by your odd and impractical approach on things. I know it's not good to bring up the things people have said in the past, but it would be foolish to forget them. Honestly, the one that takes the cake is the hotel issue. You guys wanted the more expensive hotel so badly, I can't even reason it out myself. You said what? Better atmosphere? Better food? Hahahahaha! Atmosphere doesn't matter darlings. It's the people who you're stuck with that matters. Food? C'mon people, it's hotel food, it tastes the SAME everywhere. Kinda bummed that my phone died early on in the event though. Not many pictures of my miserable mug haha! And yet, I don't here any of your supposedly disappointment of us choosing a cheapo hotel. See? It doesn't matter. *sigh* Priorities people...

Back to my exams, this would mark my last examination for BDS. All that slugging all those years is gonna end soon. Am I wiser now? Comparatively when I initially started......yes. It would be a lie if I said I know nothing, but I do not know enough. I don't feel ready yet to venture out into the dreaded land of adulthood. But then again, is there anyone out there ready to do so. Most people just plunged right into it because of responsibilities.....and money.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I always update social media on the verge of having my exams

Hello there internet? It's been awhile.....a very long while.
Wow! 2016 already......and let me use the cliched "2015 seems just like yesterday" because it really does feel like that. Well, this year will mean my final year in university since I'm already halfway with my 5th year of dental school. So yeah, halfway through and I still feel like I know nothing. Treating patients are exhausting, constantly having to study is draining, joining an organization which I don't care for is just distracting as well as foolish. The never ending struggle to complete the quota before the MOTHER OF ALL FINALS *runs and screams in terror* Plus I am still looking for my CMR case *cries*
All of this worries is eating away whatever that is left of my sanity. Growing inconspicuously like a cancer at the back of my mind.
The amount of pressure is just.....wah! Thinking about it literally makes my head hurts haha! But in the end, when you have so much that needs to be done, you end up doing absolutely nothing. Hahahahaha I'm laughing because my brain is such a scumbag Grrrrr!
But, you know who's the bigger scumbag this time? My bodeh~! Big thanks for the stomach perforating gastritis and vomiting plus diarrhea eh? Really helpful in these times. Weather is so hot and dry too so that's nice *sarcasm*
Tomorrow I'm having my CPR assessment. Hopefully I won't be a blundering idiot like most times and actually be able to blurt out something that is remotely correct.